Visit our Events Booking page for upcoming events and to pre-book your space.  Our 16th of January game is now fully booked (message us to be waitlisted)   Our 30th of January & 13th of February games are open for bookings.



We look after EVERYTHING for you!  We track your games played, prepare a membership card and provide UKARA database registration once you meet the requirements (which is 3 games played in NOT LESS than 8 weeks - ie:  your 3rd game MUST be 8 weeks from your start date or LATER).  ALL THIS FOR FREE!!


Note that UKARA registration is only valid for one year from the time you are put on the database.  In order to maintain UKARA registration through Players of War, you must continue to be an active member of the site and we require that you play a minimum of 2 games in the year prior to your membership expiring.  Banned players and players who are no longer members will have their UKARA status changed to "inactive" and you will not be able to purchase RIF's with your expired POW UKARA number.

What you can expect:

  • With many years of Airsoft experience, we offer games to keep you challenged and coming back!

  • Whether you are in modern kit or have a  WWII loadout, you're welcome at our site!

  • You won't need a 4WD to get to the site!  We have a short access road, suitable for any vehicle with a large purpose-built car park located right next to the safe zone.

  • A large safe zone, with hard-stand and covered seating to keep you (and your kit) dry.

  • An on-site provider of hot food, tea and coffee available all day, as well as crisps, chocolate bars and juice.

  • Consumables & other items for sale on site (bio ammo in .20, .25 & .28 weights, as well as grenades, smokes, gas, speed loaders, arm bands, fog tech, eye protection, insect repellent and much more. 

  • NO KIDS - we cater for airsofters over the age of 18 or 16+ year olds if accompanied by a playing adult (proof of age required).

  • A strictly enforced no-cheating policy.

  • Extensive woodland - approximately 80 Acres, which allows players the freedom to roam during games.   

  • Continuous site improvements -  we build and improve the site to provide our players with a varied and challenging game experience.  Our playing areas include a mock "town" with various buildings to fight in, giving you a CQB experience on a woodland site!  

  • Extensive airsoft experience and friendly, welcoming staff which promises a professional and organised (yet fun) day of gaming.