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NOTE:  Players of War Airsoft regular walk-on days are  for players aged 18 and over.   We also accept players aged 16-18 who are accompanied by a playing adult (over 18).  No under 16's are permitted.   ID will be required at sign-in to verify your age and birth date.


Membership is free and each player will be asked to fill in and sign a player registration form on your first game day.  ID must be produced at registration.  Your photo will be taken and you will be assigned a Players of War Airsoft membership number and ID card once you meet the required number of games for UKARA registration.   See the bottom of our "home" page for more information on UKARA registration.

We're Green!  It is a site requirement to use fully bio-degradable beebs.  These are available to purchase on site (or from Airsoft retailers).  Ammo will be spot checked for compliance.  Blaster brand beebs are NOT permitted on site, due to their tendency to shatter - as they pose a risk to players wearing mesh goggles.


Wear dark clothing if you don't have camo and boots which provide ankle protection/support are required.  If you show up in trainers or unacceptable footwear, you will not be permitted to play.

Dress in layers, so you can take layers off once you heat up after running around.

If buying eye protection, don't buy cheap safety glasses (you only have one set of eyes).   The minimum safety spec for airsoft safety glasses is EN166.  Look for safety glasses that have wide sides or curve around to prevent beebs entering from the sides and also glasses that have no gaps at the top and fit against your brow/forehead.  Note that mesh goggles are a popular choice, as they don't steam up during gameplay.   You should also have lower face protection, to protect your teeth/mouth.   You can purchase lower face shields or wear a scarf/wrap around your face when playing.



AEG'S & PISTOLS - Maximum 360 fps (or 1.2 joules) SEMI or automatic rifles & pistols (includes PSG1).  NOTE - DMR's or any Airsoft Gun fitted with "Mosfets" are treated as AEG's with a limit of 360 fps/1.2 joules.  Any other type of weapon not mentioned that is NOT bolt action, is treated as an AEG.

HPA's will be treated with caution.  Anyone wishing to use an HPA must first seek approval from Ernie or Beth (site owners) and ensure no adjustments are made during gameplay or after a chrono check.  Anyone caught adjusting their gun to a higher power will immediately be banned from the site. 


MAXIMUM rate of fire for HPA or any other AEG is 30 rounds per second.  Even with this rule - short bursts only should be applied so you are not unnecessarily "over-shooting".  

Maximum beeb weight for Snipers is 0.46 weight.  Maximum beeb weight for AEG's is 0.34 weight.

Binary trigger set-ups are not permitted.


SNIPERS (BOLT action) - Maximum 485 fps (or 2.2 joules) for bolt action sniper (for users that have completed our Sniper Screening and have been approved to play (see below).   ONLY BOLT ACTION RIFLES COUNT AS A SNIPER RIFLE ON SITE.  All other guns are treated as an AEG and are subject to their limits.



Engagement Distances:


Sniper Bolt Action Rifles = 30+ metres   ***Snipers MUST carry a side arm of less than 360 FPS***


AEG’s – Single Shot = Under 25 metres

AEG’s – Full Auto = 25+ metres


Pistols = User Discretion, but NO close-contact shots (ie under 1 metre), or face shots at close range.




As sniper rilfes are higher powered, and pose more of a risk to cause injury, we must ensure you can be trusted to use one before extending sniper permission.  If you have not previously played at P.O.W., you will NOT be permitted to use a sniper which chronos at over 360 FPS (1.2 joule).  You must attend at least 1 game day with us, using an AEG or a Sniper which chronos at no more than 360 FPS before being considered for Sniper permission.   Speak to Beth or Ernie if you are new to the site and wish to be considered for sniper use.  While some disagree with this rule, it is there for the purpose of ensuring the safety of ALL players on site....a minor inconvenience for ensuring player safety.


All rifles must be chronographed and approved (by admin/field marshal) prior to use on the field. (admins/field marshals reserve the right to chrono any gun at any time).


*MANDATORY* You must have a pistol or small AEG and it must be carried at all times along with your sniper rifle.


Snipers caught shooting below their engagement distance will immediately lose their sniper privileges.  Snipers deliberately taking head shots will receive a warning and (if it continues) will have their sniper privileges removed.

SPECIAL NOTE TO PLAYERS WITH IN-FIELD MODIFICATION GUNS- Anyone caught modifying/upgrading their weapon so that it fires over our FPS limit during gameplay or during breaks will be banned instantly.



Littering will not be tolerated at our site.  We will be providing 2 bins on site - one for recyclable bottles/cans and one for general waste. Please use these bins provided and place the correct waste in the correct bin.


Eye protection (mask or goggles) is mandatory outside the Safe Zone.  We reserve the right to test goggles to ensure they are safe (this will involve shooting them at close range).  Should you choose to wear goggles instead of a mask, you do so at your own risk.


Your Magazines must be removed and your gun cleared before entering safe zone/cark park areas.  Your fire select switch must be in working condition and be set at "safe" in safe zone/car park areas.


All players must listen to the safety briefing held at the beginning of the day. 


All players will conduct themselves in a way as to not endanger other players or members of the public.


Drugs (including weed/hash) and alcohol are not permitted during gameplay.  Anyone suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the site and will receive a permanent ban from attending future games.

Players will adhere to the site FPS and engagement distances as outlined below.  Anyone shooting below the engagement distances will receive a warning.  A 2nd warning on the same day will result in being asked to leave the site.  Snipers will lose their sniper privileges if caught shooting below their 30-metre engagement distance.

Laser sights are not permitted.   Binary trigger set-ups are not permitted.

Any new players on site (or anyone who has modified their guns since it was last checked on our site) must present themselves for chronoing before you can use them.  We will perform random chrono checks throughout the day and anyone caught with a "hot" gun will immediately be ejected from the site, so it is in your interest to ensure your gun is checked in the morning on arrival.   Chrono's can vary slightly from site to site, so just because your gun has been chrono checked at another site, doesn't mean it will be the exact same reading at our site.

NOTE:  Glass or metal beebs are not permitted on site.  Anyone caught using them will receive an instant ban as well as possible police prosecution.

C02 Pistols are permitted on site if they are firing under 360 fps with a fresh CO2 canister.   All CO2 pistols must be chrono checked before use.

Pyro must be manufactured by a recognised manufacturer (we sell Enola Gaye products on site).   "40-Mike" grenades are not permitted to use on site.  Any item which "propels" pyro is not permitted (unless it is used only by a marshal for a specific purpose (ie milsim games).  Dynatec type "bang" grenades are permitted, but can only be used as trip mines, rolled into a position or dropped from a height of no more than 1 metre due to their heavy weight and potential for injury.


Marshals and site owners words are law during a game.  Players will not argue or dispute with a marshal or site owners call.  If you believe you have been treated unjustly by a marshal, please report this to one of the site owners.

If you are hit with a BB, or are within five metres of a grenade blast, then you are considered “hit”, and should immediately let your opponent know so by putting one hand in the air and loudly shouting “Hit!”  Depending on the game/medic rules (which will be outlined during the game brief), you will proceed either to spawn, await medic, fall-back or leave the game.  A grenade in the lower part of any of the buildings wipes out the whole lower level. The same applies to a grenade tossed in the upper level of a building.

Any hit by a beeb counts (even if it bounces off something or someone near you).  Ricochet's count.  Hits to holstered weapons count as a hit to the body.

Shots from your own team count.  If your team-mate shot you then you are just as dead as if the BB had come from an opposing player.

Face shots are discouraged.  If you have a full or part body shot available, then it is good sportsmanship NOT to shoot another player in the face.  If, however, the gameplay has you looking over a barricade or out a window, then you should expect to be shot in the face/head if that is the only area showing.  Snipers should avoid head shots completely.  PS - If you don't like the idea of a face shot, then wear a face mask as there is no guarantee you won't be shot in the face during the day!  If you complain about beebs hitting you - then may be best that you stay in the house with your Grandmother on a Sunday and take up knitting. 

Gun hits count at P.O.W.  If your main weapon is hit, you cannot use it until it has been "repaired" (respawn).  If you are carrying another weapon/pistol, you may continue playing with your secondary weapon or one borrowed from a team-mate.  You CANNOT use your hit weapon until you respawn.  Hits to holstered or slung weapons do count as body hits – So please listen for BB impacts if you are wearing anything else that might stop you feeling the hit (webbing, pouches, etc.).

If you think that you have hit an opponent, and they do not respond, fire at them again.  Bear in mind that many times, you may think you are hitting them, but you are not.  All guns have different ranges - so just because your opponent can reach you, does NOT mean you are reaching them.


If you think someone is cheating, take note of the player in question and locate a marshal immediately.  Inform them of the situation, and they will deal with the player in question.  DO NOT SHOUT AT OR ACT AGGRESSIVELY TOWARDS ANOTHER PLAYER IF YOU THINK THEY ARE CHEATING.  Ensure you report any rule infractions immediately.  Reports at the end of the day are useless to Marshals.   We may advise Marshals to take test shots if there are any issues on the day with cheating, so don't be offended if you receive a test shot from a Marshal (it does not necessarily mean you have been accused of cheating).


Players must listen and watch for their opponent declaring themselves "hit", and should ensure that they are not at any point firing at someone once they have shouted "hit".

Respawn & Tag Rules - Generally, the attacking team will be on tag rules and the defenders will be on respawn.   YOU CAN ONLY TAG ONCE, THEN YOU MUST RESPAWN ON THE 2ND HIT and alternate thereafter (tag then respawn).  If you awaiting a "medic" tag - there is a 3-minute bleed out period, after which you can respawn.  Do not respawn before the 3 minutes is up.  If you wish to wait longer than 3 minutes for a medic, you can.   If you are on "respawn only" rules (which is normally defenders), you shout "hit", put your arm in the air and proceed immediately to a respawn point.


DEAD PLAYERS DON'T TALK!  If you have been eliminated, and are either standing still or moving to a spawn point, remember that you may not communicate with other players.  This means verbally or with hand or eye signals.  If medic rules are in play, and you are waiting to be tagged, then you may shout “Medic” so that your nearby team-mates may attempt to medic you.  You may not give directions or any other information.

"Bang or Take-Your-Hit" Rule - It is generally good sportsmanship to ask someone to "take your hit" if you get the drop on them so you don't shoot them at close range.  It is, however, entirely up to the recipient as to whether they take the hit or decide to shoot you first (at close range).    If you do decide to shoot them at close range - a SINGLE shot is all that is required.

Knife Kills - we do permit "knife kills" on site.  You MUST have a rubber or plastic knife which can be tapped on someone's shoulder, arm or leg for a knife kill.  If a player tags you with a knife, you must take the "hit". 


Spawn camping is off limits.  Be aware of the opposing team's spawn point and keep your distance (at least 60 metres from the other team's spawn). The ONLY time this is permitted is during a game where a mobile spawn is to be captured AND the other team has an alternate spawn.   It is also the spawning players responsibility to move at least 30 metres from the spawn before firing at anyone.  DO NOT stand at the spawn point and shoot at other players.


If you need to leave the game and return to the Safe Zone.  You MUST go to your team's nearest respawn point before rejoining gameplay.  Do not give away any opposing team players' positions that you have observed during your walk to and from the Safe Zone.

Do not lean against the log walls or barricades or climb up the insides or through the windows of buildings.  Do not deliberately shoot the props, plastic barriers, building roofing, etc.

Watch your footing at all times, it is a woodland and there are plenty of things under foot to fall/trip over.

Cheating/Lying & Aggressive Behaviour:


Players of War Airsoft operate with strict rules regarding cheating, lying and aggressive behaviour.  We want our site to be one of enjoyment and, therefore, we have a zero tolerance policy to ensure one person's poor behaviour doesn't ruin the game-day for our other players.

If you are accused/caught of an infraction during a game, you will be warned by a marshal.  All infractions will be recorded on your player registration sheet.  A second infraction during the same day means you will receive a final warning and possible game suspension.  A third infraction during the same day will mean you will be asked to leave the site and not return.

Marshals may be instructed to take "test shots" at anytime if required during the day.  If you are hit with a test shot and accept it, the marshal will instruct you to carry on.  If you fail a marshal test shot, you will receive a warning and reported to other marshals/site owners.  A test shot does not mean anyone has accused you of cheating - they can be completely random.



In the event of a genuine injury/emergency, please put your weapon on "safety" and shout “Man Down”.  This call is only ever to be used in the event of a real injury/emergency (that in which a player is physically unable to go to the Safe Zone on their own).


Locate a marshal immediately and we will halt the game, and take appropriate action to ensure the injured player’s safety.


If you hear “Man Down” called, you should also engage your weapon’s safety and stay where you are. Repeat the call if necessary and point any nearby marshals in the direction from which you heard it.


If you see another player obviously unaware of the situation, please raise your hand and approach them to let them know that play has been stopped.


Please ensure that you have completed the “Emergency Contact Number” section of the sign-in sheet and on the Player Registration Form with details of the person for us to contact if you are involved in an accident or require us to contact someone on your behalf.

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