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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our site and airsoft in general.   If you don't find answers to all your questions, give us a call  (after 6pm weekdays) or drop us a message.   

WHAT IS AIRSOFT?  Airsoft is similar to paintball, but the equipment we use is more realistic and shoots small white 6mm bio-degradable plastic pellets instead of paintballs.   The games tend to be longer than paintball-type games and more involved/tactical.   It is basically, playing wargames in the woodland.

CAN I BUY THE GUNS RIGHT AWAY?   You need to have a valid defence to own a Realistic Imitation Firearm.  You can obtain this defence by getting UKARA registered through a site.   You need to play a minimum of 3 games, with one of them being 8 weeks from your first game to qualify (you can't just play 3 games in a row - one must be 8 weeks from your first).   The 3 games must be played at the same site in order for the site to verify you.   There are other types of defences, like working in the film industry or Cosplay, but most players will require to be UKARA registered if you don't fall into the other categories.   If you don't have UKARA or another valid defence, you will only be permitted to purchase two-tone airsoft guns/pistols from retailers.   Be cautious of retailers trying to sell you "Cosplay Insurance" as a way of getting around the rules.  If you are not a genuine Cosplayer, this is completely useless and would not stand up as a defence if needed (in our view).   

HOW OLD DO I NEED TO BE TO PLAY AT YOUR SITE? You must be aged 16-18 with a playing adult or aged 18+ if you want to attend on your own.  No under 16's allowed.

CAN I COME ON MY OWN?  Yes, we welcome new players every gameday, both new to airsoft and new to our site.   You will quickly make friends, as our regular players are very friendly and helpful, as are the site owners and marshals.

DO YOU HAVE EVENTS ON ANY OTHER DAYS THAN A SUNDAY?   We play fortnightly on a Sunday (see our Game Dates page for upcoming events for the next year).  We both work full-time in other roles, so every 2nd Sunday is the only days we offer events.   We keep opposite weekends available for site improvement/build days.

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR ONE OF YOUR GAMES?   You need to pre-book to attend our events.   Visit our Events/Booking page and click on the RSVP button to submit your booking for the gameday you wish to attend.  We only post 2 upcoming games at a time in order to manage bookings easily.   If you require hire equipment, ensure you answer YES on the RSVP question for hire equipment.   You also MUST pay for your hire package immediately after you submit your RSVP booking or your space will not be confirmed and will be cancelled if you don't pay.   There are paypal links on our Prices/Payment page set up to pay for the hire package.    If you have your own gear, you still need to pre-book your space, but you can pay cash on the day or pay in advance via Paypal if you prefer.   Note we do not have card payment on site - it is cash only or Paypal.


HOW CAN I PLAY IF I DON'T HAVE MY OWN EQUIPMENT?   You can hire from us if you don't have your own equipment.   Our hire packages are only £45 and include your gun hire for the day, 3000 rounds of ammo and eye/face protection.   The 3000 rounds lasts almost all players for the full day, but if you do use them up, you can purchase 5000 round cartons for only £12.  Alternatively, you can buy a two-tone gun from an Airsoft retailer if you don't want to hire.


WHAT CLOTHING DO I NEED TO PLAY?   You will need a good set of boots that cover your ankles and you will not be permitted to play if you show up in trainers.   If you don't have camo, dress in dark clothing.   During Winter months, ensure you dress for the weather (in layers) and wear gloves.    If you wish to invest in camo clothing, we recomment Go Army (in Glasgow and online).  They are an army surplus store and can supply you with clothing, boots, etc.

DO I NEED WW2 CLOTHING TO PLAY AT YOUR SITE?   No, we have players in both modern and WW2 clothing during gamedays.  This includes both Allied and Axis load-outs.    Note that we do NOT force WW2 Axis players to cover their insignia to play at our site.  If this offends you and you want to complain about it, then don't bother coming as your complaints will be ignored.   We believe that players who spend a lot of money on their WW2 kit should be able to wear it without censorship.

DO YOU HAVE FOOD ON SITE?   Yes, we have caterers who make hot food for breakfast and lunch.   They also have tea/coffee available to purchase.   They do close after lunch though and pack up, so coffee/tea won't be available in the afternoons.    We also sell juice/water/crisps and chocolate bars at the sign-in desk, available all day.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE FOR SALE ON SITE DURING GAMEDAYS?   Besides food and drink, we also provide many other items on site for sale, including ammo in .20, .25 and .28 weights, smoke grenades, pea grenades, flash bangs, thunderflash stick grenades, gas and Co2 cartridges.  We also sell team armbands, eye protection (mesh or clear plastic goggles), lower face shields, Players of War patches, Muc-Off anti-fog spray and speedloaders.

IS YOUR SITE EASILY ACCESSIBLE FOR CARS?  Yes, although we are a woodland site, our access road from the main road is fairly short and in good condition.    We've never had an issue with any cars accessing the site and car park over the years.

HOW BIG IS YOUR SITE AND WHAT DO YOU PROVIDE IN THE PLAYING AREAS?   We play on approximately 65 acres of plantation forest, which is one of the largest purpose-built woodland Airsoft sites in Scotland.    We are much larger than Paintball sites, which tend to be a lot smaller due to the types of games they play.   Our site allows fantastic out-flanking opportunities, safe sniper use and more space for larger numbers of players.   We have numerous base areas throughout the site, including a town complete with buildings (some are 2-level), a Church and a Train Station.   We also have a large Fortress area, with loads of tall barricades in the surrounding area made to ensure you aren't crouching down on the ground when playing.   This is still under construction, but the outer playing area is complete.   When fully completed, it will provide a 30m x 30m Fortress with an upper level that goes all the way around the perimeter.   We also have an Ammo Dump base, Fuel Depot base, 88's base, MASH base, "Hurtgen" Tree base and Jerri Island base.   All of these have purpose-built barricades and bunkers and we continue to add and improve the site on an ongoing basis.   Our view is that it is never "done".

OTHER SITE INFO:    We (Ernie and Beth) were originally players before opening our own site.   We have been doing this for over 15 years now and offer you the best of our experience in Airsoft.   Our games are interesting and challenging and will keep you coming back for more.  When we opened 15 years ago, our motto was "for the players" and we have continued operating with this in mind all these years.  While not everyone will agree with our strict style of site management, we fully believe that "quality over quantity" is the best way forward to ensure you get your money's worth on site.

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